Paul DeMarinis (c) 2007 Instructions for the creation of Device inspired by Piero della Francesca's Montefeltro altarpiece

Oro d'Autore Project, Arezzo, 2007

A measure of gold is to be divided into three parts*:
One part to be made into an Object to be dissolved.
One part to be used to impart a red color to glass for the Vessel.
One part to be made into a Chain.

The Object and its dissolution:
The craftsman will create a gold Object of the word “Eternity” wrapped into a Möbius band. An elegant and free flowing script is preferred.
This Object will be photographed from three angles.
The Object will then be dissolved in a measure of aqua regia sufficient to absorb all the gold. This process will be documented by video. The Fluid may be evaporated by heating to bring it to the volume that will fit in the Vessel (below).

The Vessel:
Gold will be added to molten glass of appropriate composition so as to produce a rich red color. The red glass will be blown into a hollow orb the approximate size and shape of a hen’s egg. The glass wall will be 1 to 2 mm thick. A hole or tube will be left to admit the entry of the Fluid prepared above. The fluid will be poured into the Vessel, the opening to the Vessel will then be heat-sealed to permanently contain the Fluid.

The Chain:
A Chain will be made with the remaining portion of the gold. The length of the Chain will be 4.75 times the height of the Vessel. The Chain will have on one end a hook in the form of a cursive question mark, and at the other end a fixture for attaching firmly to the vessel. The first link of the chain at the latter end of this Chain will be sufficiently large to pass the hook through. The chain is then to be permanently mounted to the flatter end of the Vessel, so that the Vessel will hang from the chain with the pointed side down.

Finishing and Presentation: The Vessel will be painted over entirely with a matte ultra-white pigment and the surface will be treated to be smooth and unblemished. The completed Device will be displayed by hanging it vertically from the hook at the end of the chain, with the Vessel at the bottom. The Device could be worn on the body by passing the hook through the first link to create a loop around a body part.

Paul DeMarinis, February 10, 2007

* The measure and the three proportions are to be determined by the craftsmen responsible for the fabrication of the Device according to the needs of realization.